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Hi, I’m Jason Rodgers;


I've been personal training for over 12 years, to which I can safely say is one of the most rewarding job’s in the world. Helping someone to a fitter, healthier lifestyle is most rewarding

Having worked in the fitness industry for over 12 years , over 10000 hours of designing and implementing appropriate individualised workouts that are geared towards reaching your goals,I can comfortably say I've dealt with lots of individuals.

I've learned a lot over this time and can comfortably say that not one size fits all therefore, listening to each individual is key in implementing appropriate strategies to achieve respected goals.

I specialise in weight loss and improving your fitness related goals.

I believe being honest is the best policy so I'll not be telling lies to try and keep you as a client.

So if you are looking to want to look like a bodybuilder then you'll be better looking else where.


Therefore, from the start lets be honest,set achievable goals that are specific with a realistic time frame specific to you and your goal.


I believe that  following my core values will help towards your goal ..

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