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  • I don’t believe that realistically anyone would like a personal trainer forever, yes, the service I offer is fantastic but ultimately they’ll be a time that the service is no longer required. So, my whole ethos is yes if you want, I can be there for the foreseeable future but I want to impart knowledge so you can understand the logistics of any given advice therefore, you can take it with you.

  • I believe that once you are given advice that relates to your goal you can start working towards change that is geared towards a healthier, fitter life. Yes, this means that you might not need personal training, but you’ve achieved your goal and have knowledge as to how to maintain, go forward to a healthier life therefore, I’ll have done my job.


  • Set realistic goals from the start that will help keep focus on your long-term goals. If you from the start, try and go to big you’ll be setting yourself up for a fail that will affect your ability to keep consistent. We set goals accordingly based on your lifestyle questionnaire at the start.


  • Focus on you, decisions you make, for understanding the why will help going forward. I believe that with knowledge comes power therefore, if I’ve helped inform you it will ultimately change your fitness for life.

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