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I’ve loved fitness from a young age and used to go to the gym and exercise but never hit any goals and it left me so frustrated that ultimately, I got disillusioned, asked questions but never got any clear answers.

I to this day get frustrated as the fitness industry is so rammed with conflicting information of the best routines, what to do etc that it can be a nightmare to know what to do.

So, in a midlife cross point I decided to take a massive leap of faith and go into full time education and become a qualified personal trainer. From there I never looked back, I started using the new understood knowledge and started practising what I now preach and worked towards my goal of weight loss. I’ve never felt better!!

3 and half stone later, I’m a walking billboard that implementing life skills you can achieve your health and weight loss goal with clear structured routines both in and outside the gym.

Having been personal training for over 12 years I’ve got over 10000 hours of implementing workouts, life skills that have enabled my clients to their respected goals. All these results have been based on my core values.

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