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I have been having weekly personal training sessions with Jason for around 7 years and have enjoyed every single one of them. Jason has a great attitude which inspires me to work to my maximum during those sessions and when in the gym between sessions. There are always a few laughs during the session, and plenty of positive encouragement.


Jason varies the class each week; I've flipped tractor tyres, bounced medicine balls 15 feet in the air and done more squats than I care to remember. He always keeping it interesting and challenging, blending new exercises and old "favourites" to provide a thorough workout. He continually assesses my capabilities throughout the sessions, pushing me to levels I know I cannot attain when training alone.


At the end of the class I feel a great sense of achievement, and despite being exhausted, can't wait for next week. If you want a fun, challenging, work-out to help you achieve your goals, give him a try.



I started training with Jason 6 years ago when I was 58, my goal being to build muscle and maintain my strength and fitness into older age. With Jason's guidance I have made good progress. He makes the sessions fun, varied and enjoyable but always challenging. 

He has given me extra exercise plans that I can do on my own and lots of advice on nutrition.

Jason keeps me motivated and I always leave our sessions with a sense of achievement.


“I’ve been training with Jason for just over a year. Despite the hard work I always enjoy my PT sessions. Jason is very motivational and professional.

He offers support with your nutrition and is focused on working towards your goals with you. He’s also very friendly and funny so don’t be afraid to make that first leap and get in touch with him. The only word of warning is to watch his counting (he might get you to do the odd extra rep if you’re not careful).”

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