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Having worked in the business these are the most often asked questions I hear !!

How do I lose weight?

You’ve got to be in a Calorie deficit.

Will I get too big if I do weights?

Depends on your goal, if weight loss is your target then with the right program you won’t get too big.

Do I need to do weights for weight loss?

Depends on your goal, is it weight loss or fat loss? No, you don’t need to do weights for weight loss but by doing resistance training you’ll be reserving your muscle that helps create a calorie deficit.

Can I gain weight eating healthy?

Unfortunately, yes you can, especially if you aren’t tracking the energy from food. Remember, other than the air we breath and water from the tap everything else will have some energy. Therefore, if in a calorie surplus even from HEALTHY food you’ll gain weight.

When will I see results?

All depends on you; people often notice improvements in fitness and weight within few weeks as long as consistent with structured routine. Aerobically you can see and feel improvements within one two weeks. Little different with resistance training, that could take four weeks before you’d start adding weights or increasing reps.

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